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FAQ | Outset-app




What is Outset and why should I use it?
Outset is a mobile app allowing people to book a personal trainer whenever and wherever they want. Outset gives you everything you need to achieve whatever fitness goals you have with a few taps of your phone. Whether you are looking to gain muscle and train with weights in a gym, or to do some cardio in a park, Outset can help. With Outset there is no need for expensive and sometimes unnecessary gym memberships. You can train wherever and whenever you want, on a pay as you train basis. Personal training with Outset can be much cheaper than Personal Training in a gym. With prices starting as low as £15 for a 30 minute session, cost is no longer a barrier to achieving your fitness goals.
Where can I download Outset and how much does it cost?
Outset is available to download from the Apple app store. Android version coming soon!

The app itself is free to download. Once downloaded you can book personal trainers for 30 minute or 1 hour sessions. Prices per hour range from £30 to £150, so you can choose a trainer that suits you. All sessions can be paid for with a pre-registered card or using Apple Pay.

Where can I workout?
We at Outset aim to give you total flexibility when it comes to the place you train. The choice is yours whether you want to train at home, in your hotel, a local park or one of our affiliated gyms.
How do I know if my trainer will be any good?
All of our trainers are qualified REPS level 3 and above. They have all been interviewed and checked by Outset. Some will however be more experienced than others, and this is reflected in their price.
What if I want to cancel?
That’s fine! Just make sure you do it at least 12 hours before your session is due to start or I’m afraid we will have to take full payment for the session.
Where in the UK is Outset currently available?
At the moment our service is only available in London, but more locations are coming soon. Subscribe and follow us on social media to be kept up to date.
What if my trainer is late or doesn't turn up?
If our trainer is more than 15 minutes late you will get a refund for half the price of the session. You can choose either to carry on with the session or to book a new one. If your trainer doesn’t show you get a full refund and £30 off your next booking.
How far in advance and how short notice can I book a session?
You can book sessions up to a week in advance and up to an hour before your session.
Can I contact my trainer?
Once you have made your booking, you are able to call your trainer at any time prior to the session. Please note, that in order to protect your privacy, both your and the trainers contact details will be hidden.
Can I get in touch with Outset directly?
You can contact us via email, telephone and through the website. Visit our contact page for more information. In the app you can contact us via using our instant messaging service which can be found in your profile.


Why join Outset?
Outset gives you the flexibility of being a freelance personal trainer whilst providing you with clients. We take the hassle and expense out of marketing and advertising your services. With Outset you can still do the personal training or job you are currently doing, and use Outset for those times you are free to train.
How do I join Outset?
Easy. Just download our app from the app store and sign up as a user. Once this is done, you can switch to the Trainer Mode (this can be found at the bottom of your user profile). Having completed the sign up process (providing information such as your REPs number, company number, address) you will be contacted by Onfido to complete the mandatory DBS (formerly CRB) background check (this is vital to ensure the security of our users). Those trainers with less that 3 years experience will be interviewed and examined. All trainers are required to have achieved REPs level 3 qualification and be an existing REPs member (ensuring all trainers are properly insured). Typically, we estimate the sign up process will take 2-3 days, but should you not have active DBS background certification this may take up to 9 days to clear.

Please note that Outset retain the right to reject any trainer that does not meet our quality standards. Ensuring the best possible training experience for the client.

How much will it cost me?
In a word, nothing. The app is free to download and Outset will charge a commission starting at 20% of the client fee. This will reduce as your complete more sessions. Do more, earn more.
Can I use Outset part-time?
Outset is designed to be as flexible as possible. You can use it whenever you like. There is no minimum or maximum amount of sessions you can do. You can go away for 6 months if you like and we will be here waiting for you.
Where can I train Outset clients?
Pretty much anywhere you like. Within your trainer profile you will be able to log multiple locations. These will fall into two types:

Area – a set location at which you are based and the radius you are set to travel to work out with the client at their current location (i.e. home, park, office or hotel).
Gym – a studio or gym at which you have access and are able to offer to clients at no additional cost, other than the single fee you charge for the session.

What do I need to wear for Outset sessions?
Trainers are allowed to wear their own attire, but should appear professional at all times. For some lucky core trainers, Outset will provide training gear, which we encourage you to wear! After all, the more publicity we get, the more clients we get on the app and the more clients you get.
What if a client doesn’t show up or cancels?
If a client cancels less than 12 hours in advance, you will be paid in full. If a client fails to show up for a session, you will be paid in full.
What if I need to cancel a session?
No sweat. You can cancel existing sessions in the apps trainer booking section and the trainer will be fully refunded. However, we encourage trainers to avoid cancellations at less than six hours’ notice. All information regarding lateness and cancellations can be found in your trainer handbook.
Can I refer a fellow trainer?
Share and you shall receive. Each trainer will be provided with a unique invite code to share with other trainers. When this code is used to sign up, both the new trainer and the original invitee will receive a cash bonus following the new trainer’s completion of their first 25 sessions.
When will I receive my earnings?
Every Monday between 12:00 and 18:00 you will receive your earnings from the previous seven days, minus our commission.


An intuitive in-app experience that speeds you to best personal trainers and wellness practitioners in your area.